“I work with writers & publishers, business owners and individuals to help them build relationships, community and authority on the social web.

I have over twenty years’ strategic and practical marketing experience, immersed in the internet since 1998, I’m an experienced trainer and mentor and also a published author and poet.

Good ways to contact me are by phone 07888 693525, by email robin@robinhoughton.com or on Twitter, @robinhoughton.”

Business address
Robin Houghton Communications
The Hive
66 High Street
East Sussex

7 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Hi Robin,
    Reading your book ‘Blogging for writers’ and started my Blog. I have one question though.
    Images – do I always have to use mine? Are most images that I find on the internet free to use in a blog?
    Your thoughts on this are much appreciated.
    Thank you

    1. Hello Heike, thanks for buying the book! If you look at Chap 5 – the power of images (I think it’s pages 76-77) I say a bit about this, also under ‘copyright’ in the chapter 11. In the Resources section I also list some image sources. Hope that helps.

  2. Robin,
    I have been reading Blogging for Creatives and it has been very helpful. You do an excellent job providing great content in a way that is easy to digest. Thanks.

  3. Hi Robin. I’ve your book blogging for creative that I am using to help me build a new WordPress self hosted website with blog to replace my old Free passion4art.com artist site and blogspot.
    I’m so glad I bought your book it’s been very helpful.

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