Computers crunch data, humans do the thinking


Recently I met with two lovely people embarking on a new business, who wanted to pick my brain a little about social media. We talked about how journalism had changed (one was a former jourmalist) and about the core ideas of social media – transparency, generosity, listening, conversation. It reminded me once more of what I used to always say on my Twitter profile – ‘it’s all about peeps.’ So often, when people think about social media or social networking they think of the tools, the technology. But what would those tools be without the people to use them?

It’s worth saying again – computers crunch data, humans do the thinking. Technology frees us up from the myriad tasks we used to have to do, until we invented machines to do them for us MUCH more quickly and efficiently.

With computers to call upon, humans are free to do what we do best – use our brains and think intelligently. 

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