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How to Use Twitter –  A Primer for Writers, Artists and all Creative People (May 2016) by Robin Houghton is the first ebook in a series aimed at making social media simple.

Robin Houghton really knows her stuff. I highly recommend her books to writers who want to learn to use social media.

Anne R Allen, bestselling author, blogger and Writers Digest contributor

Available in both Kindle ebook versions and PDF download.

How To Use Twitter by Robin Houghton - buy Kindle version on Amazon

Buy Kindle version now on Amazon $4.99

How To Use Twitter by Robin Houghton - PDF version

PDF version is £2.99 – or buy both How to use Twitter and Get More Out of Twitter for a combined price of £4.99!

Multibuy offer on Twitter ebooks by Robin Houghton

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“I know I should be using Twitter but don’t know where to start – or if I really want to at all!”

“I  know publishers expect authors to be on Twitter, but I’ve no idea how to build a following there…”

“I’ve tried Tweeting but didn’t really get it…”

“Nobody wants to read what I had for breakfast!”

If you’re a writer, artist or any kind of creative person who’s never used Twitter, or you tried it for a while then lost enthusiasm, then How to Use Twitter is for you.

Writers are frequently frustrated by Twitter’s steep learning curve or feel they’re not effectively using the platform. Robin Houghton’s primer of actionable tips with easy-to-follow illustrations shows how best to use this powerful networking tool.

Elizabeth Spann Craig, author, expert blogger and Tweeter


We constantly hear how publishers and agents expect authors to be active on social media channels, reaching out to their readers and potential readers and marketing themselves via a blog, or on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

Journalists frequently rely on Twitter as a search engine when they are sourcing experts and ideas for articles.

For many of us, the idea of MARKETING oneself is not appealing.

The good news is that if you are using Twitter effectively, the way you will learn in this book, you won’t feel like you’re doing any marketing at all.

What you WILL be doing is discovering and having conversations with people who want to read or publish your work, people who can help you with research, with getting published, with promotion, people who are interesting, engaged and on your wavelength.

Robin Houghton is that rare thing, an expert who can communicate her expertise!

Sandy Hutchinson Nunns BA; MA; ATAP; Dip.TA Psych.; Dip.Fem.Theal.; Fellow, Institute for Learning; MBACP (accred)  Psychotherapy, Counselling, Reflexive Writing


Absolutely. The book is aimed at anyone who would (honestly) rather be creating. The knowledge in How to Use Twitter is invaluable to anyone wanting to make the most of the platform without wasting precious time on it.


There’s nothing magic about doing Twitter right, enjoying all the benefits it offers and integrating it easily and stress-free into your daily routine.

BUT there are certain things you need to know from the start, rules to follow (written and unwritten) and a number of factors that DRASTICALLY affect the quality of your Twitter experience.

Your Twitter advice was the best I’ve had!

Julia Lee, author


The question is – how precious is your time? If you want to be a Twitter ninja WITHOUT it eating into your creative time then all you need is the knowledge contained in How to Use Twitter.

By reading the ebook you’ll understand from the start WHAT you should be doing, HOW to do it and most importantly WHY you need to do it.

Robin took the fear out of Twitter gave me the confidence to use it much more effectively. Thanks to Robin’s help, I feel I understand Twitter much more clearly and my followers are continuing to grow.

Ruth Hayhurst, journalist

There are screenshots, clear and simple instructions, real examples and useful resources to follow up.

Stop wasting your time fiddling around with Twitter and wondering why it’s not working for you – once you’ve read this ebook you’ll be streets ahead of 95% of Twitter users.

Newcomers to Twitter regularly make the same mistakes and rarely find out where they’re going wrong. Wouldn’t you like to know what those mistakes are?

This ebook comes out of nine years of almost daily Twitter use by its author. She has learned from her mistakes, so you don’t have to learn from yours!

ManyTwitter accounts are abandoned within three months – don’t let yours be one of them!

Brand new to Twitter? Then this ebook is gold dust. It will take you from newbie to a confident Twitizen in no time. And if, like me, you’ve had a lukewarm relationship with Twitter so far, this ebook is a revelation. Writers, creative people–in fact anyone who wants to get the best from Twitter–I think you’d be crazy not to read this first.

Peter Kenny, poet, playwright and author


How To Use Twitter by Robin Houghton - buy Kindle version on Amazon

Buy Kindle version now on Amazon $4.99

How To Use Twitter by Robin Houghton - PDF version

PDF version is £2.99 – or buy both How to use Twitter and Get More Out of Twitter for a combined price of £4.99!

Multibuy offer on Twitter ebooks by Robin Houghton

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It’s true there are plenty of Twitter guides around, but those that are free are generally either being sold by a company with a vested interest in getting people onto Twitter, such as social media marketing organisations or software houses, or by individuals selling training courses or their own social media marketing expertise.

There’s no hidden agenda here! Just excellent quality, step-by-step instructions backed up by actual screen shots. No fluff, hype or library images.

Free guides can be light on detail and a bit ‘padded out’, whereas How to Use Twitter is nothing but the lean meat.

With content written in Robin Houghton’s signature ‘friendly textbook’ style, precise screenshots, detailed explanations and Insider Tips, everything in this book is useful and relevant.

You can trawl the web for some of this information but without knowing the questions to ask it’s hard to get to the answers. All the advice here has been tried and tested by Robin herself over her nine years on Twitter.

It’s like having private tuition from an expert, but at a tiny fraction of the price!

Although I’m computer literate with most things, social networking isn’t really one of them. I’ve read every one of the 40 pages of your book and was most impressed. I found the instructions on how to set up a Twitter account and get started, very clear, easy to follow and understand. I think you’ve covered every detail. I especially found ‘Insider Tips’ and the screen shots very helpful.

– Jean Morris, Society of Women Writers & Journalists


Put simply, she’s walking the talk – and has been making a living from online communications for seventeen years.

This is the first of a series of ebooks in which Robin spills the beans on everything she knows about social media. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Coming from a traditional marketing background, Robin fell in love with the internet in 1999 (when she taught herself HTML and wrote her first website!)

She has worked in online marketing ever since, and, after joining Twitter in 2007, has specialised in social media marketing and communications.

Robin delivers every time in a clear and simple way that gives her reader the right level of information in an interesting way.

– Rachel Carter

Robin’s abiding belief is that the internet is about PEOPLE not technology. There is NOTHING holding us back from mastering social platforms, nothing that is but ourselves.

Robin’s ebooks are just like her mentoring sessions – all about instilling confidence in people and the realisation that everyone has it in them to not only DO this stuff, but ENJOY it too!

Robin has worked with small businesses, large organisations and individuals and is an experienced trainer and speaker. Clients have ranged from London Metropolitan University and the John Lewis Partnership to many individual authors.

Not only this, but Robin is a blogger, a published poet and a business writer. She authored the best-selling Blogging for Creatives (2012), Blogging for Writers (2015) and The Golden Rules of Blogging (And When to Break Them) (2015). All three are published by Ilex Press in the UK (an imprint of Octopus, part of Hachette Media) and by HOW Books in the US (Writers Digest). The books have sold internationally and been translated into Spanish, Italian and German.


Are you completely new to Twitter? Want to fast-track your learning, get set-up and tweeting as quickly and effectively as possible? Then YES, this is for you.

Are you a ‘reluctant’ or lapsed Tweeter? Need reminders about how it works, how to spruce up your profile or just simply how to rekindle your interest in Tweeting? YES, YES, YES!

Have you been using Twitter a while, understand the value it offers, but fear you might be missing a trick or two, or want to delve deeper into Twitter stats, advanced search, integrations or hosting Twitter chats? The you probably need Get More out of Twitter – the follow up to this ebook…


Introduction – how to use this book

Chapter One – Set up for Success

Who are you?

Choosing your Twitter name

Writing your desciption

Your Home Page

Your Profile Page

How to change your Profile Photo

How to change your Header Photo

Essential Settings

Chapter Two – Explore the Twittersphere

Anatomy of a Tweet

How to find interesting people on Twitter

How to assess someone’s Twitter ‘value’

How and Why to use Lists

Chapter Three – Get Tweeting

What should I tweet? Top Ten Ideas

All about Hashtags

Useful Hashtags for Writers

Twitiquette – How Not to Mess Up

Tweeting from your phone or other mobile device

Chapter Four – Out-of-the-Box: Your 8-Step Starter Plan

BONUS – Ten Writers on Twitter to Learn From

WANT MORE? – Preview of ‘Get More out of Twitter’


How To Use Twitter by Robin Houghton - buy Kindle version on Amazon

Buy Kindle version now on Amazon $4.99

How To Use Twitter by Robin Houghton - PDF version

PDF version is £2.99 – or buy both How to use Twitter and Get More Out of Twitter for a combined price of £4.99!

Multibuy offer on Twitter ebooks by Robin Houghton

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