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ring the right marketing bells - marketing consulting by Robin Houghton

Forget the idea of ‘marketing consultancy’ being a luxury for larger businesses. Bringing in an experienced outsider to evaluate and advise on your marketing can save you money in the long run, it’s as simple as that.

Want to chat about this? Email me or call me on 07888 693525

I have worked with businesses, organisations and individuals in a variety of ways and over many years.

I’ve walked the online talk for nearly twenty years and have the blisters to prove it!

These days my focus is on improving online communications in the fluid and ever-changing social media landscape. I believe in conversation, engagement, flexibility and a human-centred approach. I also enjoy helping clients save money by taking control of their marketing and understanding how to get the best from their budget, whatever size.

This means exploiting the benefits of technology, and not allowing technology to dictate the terms.

Want to chat about this? Email me or call me on 07888 693525

Here are some examples of my services:

Review of Your Current Marketing – cut out the dead wood!

  • Is everything you do under ‘marketing’ really taking you closer to achieving your business goals? Let’s find out!
  • Your online communications – website, blog, social media, email marketing – what’s working & what isn’t?
  • Are you getting the best results you can for your marketing budget? You may be surprised how much money I can SAVE you

Create a Marketing Action Plan – just do it!

  • I can work either alone or with your team to create an ACTIONABLE and realistic marketing plan for your budget – remember: doing ‘a bit of this and that’ with no overall PLAN is an easy way to waste money
  • Training staff to develop the skills and knowledge to manage the appropriate social media channels
  • Individual training in social media skills, blogging, email marketing management and a range of online marketing topics – for you or your staff

Manage Your Outsourced Marketing – get the best for your money!

  • I can brief and manage the relationship between you and any external agency (design, web, social media, SEO or full service) – I know the questions to ask and how to get the best for you
  • Along with my small group of trusted and long-standing professional contacts I can handle all your graphic design, copy writing and SEO requirements

Any or all of these things. And more.

Want to chat about this? Email me or call me on 07888 693525

Services for writers

I offer a variety of services for writers, including WordPress setup, bespoke social media training and building an online ‘author platform. Read more about my services for writers here.

Speaking & Training

I have presented at many conferences and events – if you are looking for an experienced speaker to give an overview of how ‘social’ is changing business practices, why much traditional marketing no longer works, or a ‘social’ overview of your industry, I can deliver an informative, thought-provoking and entertaining talk. With my background in international marketing with Nike and Adidas, I bring the best and most relevant corporate marketing know-how to small business settings.

Bespoke workshop sessions or group training tailored to your needs. Clients past and present include London Metropolitan University Centre for Micro Enterprise, London Chamber of Commerce, University of Brighton Profitnet, the Everywoman network, the Sussex Guild, Plumpton College as well as corporate and small business clients.

Attendee comments

“This was one of the best sessions in the course – really interesting & useful – a big thank you!”

“Really liked Robin’s articulate & well-informed straight-forward style of presentation. I was not aware of the time at all as was so engrossed in the subject matter.”

“Good visuals, excellent explanations, clear presentation, knowledgeable and engaging presenter. A relief to have a good speaker who was practical!”

“I found the session well-presented, full of useful information & plenty to think about! Robin was very helpful, approachable & made the session energising.”

“Thank you so much for the course.  You have made it so much more comprehensible with excellent notes to go back to.”

“Good introduction to the web. Provided insight, inspiration & entertainment.”

“Well-presented, easy to understand & implement, very informative session.”

“I was completely ignorant on the subject & now I feel confident that I will be able to set up my site. Robin was a great presenter – knowledgeable & friendly.”

“I loved it! Very informative & relaxed, lots of interaction. Robin’s approach is not too technical. A level everyone could understand.”

“Wonderful, very detailed.”

“Extremely informative, excellent presenter.”

“My mind exploded with ideas!”